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How a plant based diet can impact our environment

There is no doubt that the environment is a pressing concern  most people are aware of. The climate change, the meteorologic events happen to be stronger and occur more often which lead to harmful consequences.  Who would have thought that our diet can actually impact the environment ? In this article we will be discussing the results of [...]

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Zero Waste - One Small Step for A Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind

We will not tell you that reducing your waste takes time and force us to change our habits or way of life. Instead, you need an awareness, a click that you must put into practice quickly. However, you must ask you a question: Why do you need to reduce plastic waste?  To follow the actual trend or to live in a clean planet? The second proposit [...]

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Tale of the Gods: "Gods are thirsty for better ideas"

There was a time in history when human knew that they couldn't any longer say we didn't know and that was the time things started to change for the better. A time when all could safely and freely access drinkable water without facing the excess of plastic matter. On the island of the gods and goddesses, visited every year by more than 5 milli [...]

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