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Boyan Slat & The Ocean Cleanup

The Man, the Myth, the Legend After several years, a brilliant and motivated man has finally found a solution to the world’s problem of plastic pollution in the oceans. That man is Boyan Slat - a Dutch scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and aerospace engineering student dropout from the Delft School of Technology.   He is the fou [...]

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Gili Shark Conservation: Coral Reef Restoration

We are aware of the climate change consequences that we see. But, what about the ones that we can’t see - that is literally under the sea? The coral reefs are dying and the outcome is terrifying.   In this article, we will address those consequences but also an amazing initiative to fight this phenomenon and protect the coral reef and [...]

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Youth Action for the Climate in Southeast Asia

When you were young, did you consider climate change and the environment as a pressing concern? Climate change has now become a great worry among the young generation. This sensitivity towards nature is made possible thanks to the education program, for instance, or association. The young generation needs to be made aware of the stake they will hav [...]

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