Frequently Asked Questions

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It's free to join. You will need to provide water at your own cost.
Up to you. Ideally free as the message is more powerful. Just mention it when you register.
You can be sure that it’s drinking water! RefillMyBottle sticker is a quarantee of it! The refill station has an option to choose between galon or filtered water. Galon water usually comes in 19L galon. We recommend to use Nazava water filters www.social-impakt.com/shop Contact Jeroen if you want more information.
Stickers are available at Bali Buda or sent to you by a volunteer - contact [email protected]
We recommend you to place a sticker on the door at the entrance of your business and a sticker on the refill station itself.
You need to download an app that can scan the QR code.