What is Happening and How to Get Involved the AWARE Week 2020

Despite COVID-19, we need to remain optimistic and hopeful for the days to come, committed to a vision of achieving a view of the world, where humanity and the ocean co-exist in a healthy balance.

The PADI Torchbearer Movement

As divers (or non-divers), we must be stewards to the ocean and have a collective responsibility by taking up a torch for our oceans and asking divers or non-divers as well as the local communities to join in standing up for it in order to create and make a difference for the planet. Make the commitment and be a PADI Torchbearer!

AWARE Week 2020: What You Need To Know

Carry The Torch For Ocean Protection

19th – 27th September 2020

Each day of the AWARE week we’ll dive into each of the goals and take action, whilst keeping ourselves and our communities safe.

What can you do to engage in AWARE Week and join the Torchbearer movement?


Community Goal 1: Stand Up For The Ocean

Speak up and use your voice to drive positive change!  Lend your support to environmental campaigns, sign petitions, attend key events, write to your representatives, and engage in conversation with your local communities. As the world moves forward, we will continue to be the ever-louder voice of the ocean.

AWARE Week Objective: Help Advance the Protection of Mako Sharks

AquaMarine Diving – Bali has already pledged a donation of USD100 for The Protection of Mako Sharks. If you want to do the same and help protect Mako Sharks, click here to make a donation! Even a USD1 donation can help. If you are not in a position to donate, you can help share Shark League’s Mako Champions Map on your social channels and encourage your diver friends and family to support the campaign!


Community Goal 2: Assume Responsibility

Take direct responsibility for ocean health and act as stewards for the places we love, both above and below the surface. 

AWARE Week Objective: Create Better Habits Above and Below the Surface

Make 10 Tips for Divers part of your diver code of conduct and ask your community to take the pledge! At AquaMarine Diving – Bali, the Project AWARE Specialty (like the Coral Reef Conservation Specialty, Dive against Debris Specialty, and the Manta Ray Awareness Specialty) is on a 21 percent discount – so you can help protect the ocean and take action while flying with the fishes!


Community Goal 3: Dive With a Purpose

Every dive is an opportunity to collect vital data that can be used to create future protection measures for the ocean.

AWARE Week Objective: Increase participation in “Every Dive a Survey Dive”

Come join the One-Day Dive Against Debris – one beach clean-up and one underwater clean-up at Padangbai! With IDR781,000, you get SCUBA gear rental, pick-up and drop-off at your location, and drinking water, plus new friends on land and below the waterline.


Community Goal 4: Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

To restore balance by reducing our own carbon emissions at work and at home. 

AWARE Week Objective: Reduce Our Carbon Emissions and Shine a Light on The Ocean Foundation’s Seagrass Grow Program.

Join the #Refillution movement and say no to single-use plastic bottles! Around the shoreline, we have seen bottled water and other trash washed away onto the beach, polluting the beauty of nature and harming life. AquaMarine Diving – Bali is planning a trip to the local community to help plant mangroves and create mangrove forests as traps for marine litter.


Community Goal 5: Make Sustainable Choices

Refuse single-use plastic, support genuine eco-travel and voluntourism, make sustainable food choices, dive with eco-friendly operators when possible, and support businesses that are taking an innovative approach to sustainability. Our example will influence those around us, paving the way for systemic change.

AWARE Week Objective: Understand Our Purchasing Power

This year, we understand that our choices directly impact the ocean and the behavior of those around us. We choose to shine a light on what’s possible, choosing to opt for products and services that support a healthy future for our planet, inspiring others to do the same. Every purchase we make or don’t make is a chance to advocate for a brighter future.

Throughout the AWARE Week, AquaMarine Diving – Bali along with many local eco-friendly businesses will be sharing information and products that can help you make sustainable choices in your life. Stay tuned on AquaMarine Diving’s social channels to keep updated!

You now have all the information on how to get involved! Are we seeing you around the AWARE Week? If you’d like to join their efforts for the AWARE Week, feel free to say hello: info@aquamarinediving.com