RefillMyBottle featured in NOW!Bali Magazine and Bali Pocket Magazine

NOW!Bali is the ultimate guide for international visitors and international communities in Bali providing guide to Bali tourism and life on the island. RefillMyBottle is honored to be featured in the charity profile of the month for November 2017 edition. About 15,000 copies of NOW!Bali magazines are distributed to restaurants, hotels, and other places across the island, reaching out to more than 45,000 people. They also reach global readers through its online platform - website, e-magazine, e-newsletter, and social media. With its wider audience, it is hoped that travelers coming to Bali are more aware of RefillMyBottle existence and take actions in reducing plastic waste.  “Save the earth, Stop Buying and Start Refilling”, as mentioned on the article title. You can read it online at

RefillMyBottle has over 250 RefillStations across Indonesia, and over 120 RefillStations in Bali. Locations of our RefillStations are also now displayed in Bali Pocket Magazine’s local maps of area in Bali. 15,000 copies are distributed freely per month in over 400 locations in Bali. With gaining media publications and coverage, it is expected that travellers become more aware of the plastic waste problem and work together to reduce the single-use consumption of plastic bottles.

For more information about RefillMyBottle project, please visit

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