We would like to say thank you to Fairmont Sanur for their extraordinary hospitality and for hosting the RefillMyBottle second community gathering.

After a successful gathering held last month in Bali Buda – Ubud, we finally decide to have the RefillMyBottle community gathering regularly and at a different area each month. Over 25 people – representatives from hotels, dive centers, schools, cafes, and many other interested individuals, gathered last Wednesday to discuss the possible solutions to the plastic waste problem. Apart from being great networking opportunities, the gathering also keeps us reminded of all the possible things we can do to keep the environment clean.

At the end of the meet-up, they joined us in the Plastic Free Pledge, where they commit to an action that can help reduce plastic waste. We are so excited to see people come up with many interesting ideas and it is inspiring to see so many people join us in the fight against plastic waste.

Be a part of ourĀ RefillMyBottle Community Group on Facebook to stay updated about upcoming events. Hope to see you guys at the next meet-up!