Special thanks and shoutout to Bali Buda for hosting the first official gathering of RefillMyBottle at the beginning of December 2017. The event brought together over 25 people from various communities, including representatives from hotels, dive shops, tour companies, alongside NGOs and social enterprises such as Trash Heroes, Bali Water Protection, and Social Impakt, as well as mindful business owners, conscious locals, and responsible travelers.

They all gathered at one of Bali Buda Cafes in central Ubud for a morning coffee and refreshments which followed by brainstorming and networking sessions. The diverse participants of the gathering brought so many perspectives and bright ideas onto the table. RefillMyBottle Wateriors were so delighted to see attendants having passionate discussions on how to develop RefillMyBottle to have wider impact in reducing plastic waste.

Join our Facebook group (RefillMyBottle Community Group) to stay updated of upcoming events. Looking forward to see you there!

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