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Smart Gardening Tips & Ideas to Grow More & Reduce Waste

The language of gardening speaks to the gardener in diversified ways. So if you think that the paraphernalia of gardening only need seeds, plants, sickle, hummus, and fertile soil, then you need to change your definition of gardening. Much progress has been made in horticulture with new techniques, ideas, terms, and best crabgrass killers [...]

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Composting 101: Home Composting is Easy!

We often hear that compost is good for the environment - that it would reduce kitchen waste and garden waste by 50 percent. Even so, most people are hesitant to compost at home. Whether due to limited space, lack of know-how, the fetor it emits, the pests it attracts, or simply because it is time-consuming.   Founder of Urban Biologist Bali, [...]

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