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Responsible Waste Management with EcoBali at Monsieur Spoon, Canggu

We had a wonderful evening at Monsieur Spoon Canggu with the other 25 amazing people who joined us for a talk on sustainability. Thank you Monsieur Spoon for hosting us at your beautiful garden and more importantly for being a refill station and helping us cut single-use plastic bottles. Thank you also to Paola Cannuciari, from ecoBali for sharing [...]

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Sustainability Meetup at Sayuri, Ubud

It is so exciting to see so many people interested to join us in keeping the island clean and free from plastic waste. More than 20 people came together on a Friday afternoon to discuss the plastic waste problem and how we can make it better. We were so lucky to have an amazing speaker, Piet Van Zyl from Positive Impact Forever, who gave out some s [...]

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