Lovina Sustainability Meetup


here are more than 25 RefillStations in Lovina thanks to the support of Conchita from Window to the World School, our local Refill Ambassador and leading the initiative in the village.

Last Saturday, we visited Window to the world School to meet the community in Lovina. We would like to thank the school team for having us and organising the event. With Conchita and her team, representatives from Refill Stations, Social Impakt, the Green Rangers, and all the other like-minded individuals, we shared ideas on how to improve RefillMyBottle and discussed the reduction of plastic on the island. Thanks to the power of the local community, we will fight against disposable plastic bottles!

It is great to see that many business owners have started to eliminate single-use plastics in their property, by providing water in refillable jugs, selling reusable bottles and bags. However, it is hoped that Refill Stations will be more proactive in spreading the word and ensuring all their staffs and guests are well informed about all of their sustainable programs, including the RefillMyBottle project.

RefillMyBottle is a community driven project, and we are here today because of the support from the community all over the place. Thank you so much once again to everyone who has devoted their time and resources to bring this initiative forward.