RefillMyBottle Vietnam Official Launch


id you hear that RefillMyBottle is now expanding beyond Indonesia? Yes, we are going global! We team-up with a number of organisations across Asia and some other parts of the world, including Refill Not LandfillIMPACT Vietnam, Luang Prabang – Handle with Care, PlayForest Korea, and many others. Our highlight this time is for Vietnam as the official launch of the campaign there is only in two days and we are very excited to share with you!

How did it begin?

Earlier this year, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a new mobile app where we received over $12,000 donations from a number of businesses and organisations, with EXO Foundation being the main supporter. Not only offering financial support, EXO Foundation is also committed to bring this initiative forward in Vietnam where they are based in. Now, EXO Foundation and KHIRI Reach as part of IMPACT Vietnam are taking the lead in expanding the RefillMyBottle network in Vietnam. They are also being supported by a number of local organisations, including the Responsible Tourism Club Vietnam, based in Hanoi.

What’s happening in RefillMyBottle Vietnam?

With the recent participation of the Al Fresco’s Group, there are now more than 50 refill stations available throughout Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the number is still growing. Cafes, hotels, travel offices, and many other businesses there have joined the RefillMyBottle initiative and we are now inviting business owners, managers, or anyone who is interested to come and learn more about the campaign. Please join us on the 29th of August at The Organik House, Ho Chi Minh.

What’s next?

Help us spread the words! And if you are interested in leading this initiative in your local community, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

To all refillers, you can now find RefillMyBottle water stations in more than 9 countries. Check out the refill map at or download the app here. Please follow our Facebook page to stay informed on news and events.