Zero Waste Sustainability Meet-up at Colony Creative Hub


n Monday, 25th of March we gathered in Colony Creative Hub – in collaboration with Kumpul Speed Networking Event – for our second Sustainability Meet-up of the year. Our focus for the event: ZERO WASTE.

What a great emulation within the people who were present! We guess the topic triggers a lot of enthusiasm since living zero waste or going towards it requires creativity and inventiveness. We basically need to design the economic model and living style we want to evolve in. 

Why is waste a problem? How can we start downsizing the amount of trash we throw away every single day? Is it really doable with a limited budget? How should we start and how can we encourage people to follow us?

RefillMyBottle – a solution to go Zero Waste

We started with a short presentation of RefillMyBottle to bring a few updates to the RefillStations owners who came to the event as well as to newcomers. We have now listed on the map more than 1,200 stations around the world, mostly in South-East Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, etc). Besides, since its launch in mid-January, the App was downloaded 8,500 times which is of great omen for the refillution!

What else apart from plastic bottles?

After that, we quickly introduced the main topic.
Many people during the meet-up shared their frustration in terms of ecology. “Changes and improvements do not go fast enough”. It made us think of another global movement. Indeed, many people feel what may be called “eco-anxiety” or a “green burnout”. What does that mean? Facing the huge challenges we need to overcome in order to stem climate change, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Also when you look at the last ICPP report which is clearly alarming.  

So this question arises: What can I do at my own scale? First, consuming less and cleaner. As individuals, we are part of the demand. We thus have the power to affect the supply by shifting our consumption choice, right? 

During the event, we all agreed on the fact that boycotting single-use plastics is a solution. No more plastic bottles. No more plastic cups. No more plastic straws. No more Styrofoam! We definitely need to align our values and our acts. All the people in the meeting room were the “converted” so they already had all the “keys” to reduce their waste. The first “key” is to simply realize the harm that plastic causes. Now, let’s act within our business but also and most of all in our everyday life. We cannot work for sustainable tourism and at the same time use plastic bags, right? Let’s apply the values we preach.   

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“Stop throwing away, there is no away”

See you next time in April to discuss further about the topic!